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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Video Guitar Lessons | 49 comments

How To Play Bass Guitar – Lessons for Newcomers – Open Strings

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Total Program, TAB, JAM TRACKS: A lot more STU HAMM BASS LESSONS: JOIN TRUEFIRE FOR Free: In this section I will introduce you to the wonders of written music, beginning with the most basic issues to play on your Bass, open strings. I strongly urge every single starting Bassist to discover how to read. Not undertaking so will only shut you out of a wonderful deal of info and understanding. So the very best way to commence is to get employed to hunting at the music while you play some really simple exercises. Well find out to understand what the differences between complete notes, half notes, quarter notes, triplets and sixteenth notes are, and how to establish excellent practice habits to familiarize your self with them. Ill also talk about the need to find out how to mute the strings that you are not playing and give you some guidelines to commence operating on. I will also give you some tips on right hand technique to aid you get a nice steady tone out of your Bass.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Complete Course, TAB, JAM TRACKS: Far more STU HAMM BASS LESSONS: JOIN TRUEFIRE FOR Totally free: Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness digs deep into bass guitar fretboard navigation, finger agility and the theoretical information essential to play all designs of music. If you take into account yourself an intermediate bass guitar player, Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness is the bass boot camp you want to take your capabilities to the subsequent level. Stu Hamm first came to prominence following playing on Steve Vai’s Flex-In a position disc. Going on to turn into the bassist of selection to lay down the low-finish for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani and a lot of other folks on the stage and in the studio. Thankfully for students of bass guitar, Stu’s teaching capabilities match his musicianship supplying a uncommon chance to understand bass guitar from 1 of the very greatest on the planet. “These are the bass guitar lessons I want I had when I was coming up. I’ve distilled the curriculum in Fretboard Fitness to the vital nuts and bolts of playing bass guitar navigating the fretboard, creating hand strength, and understanding the vital principles of music theory and harmony. All of the video bass guitar lessons, exercises and workouts that I’ve integrated in Fretboard Fitness are designed to type a strong bond in between your hands, ears and mind.” The finest good quality of this program is how you function with it you will play your way by means of Fretboard Fitness. No tedious, boring routines or theoretical math here. Stu

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  1. I have a? classical guitar, my mom will kill me if I ask for a bass, so i’m just gonna practice on the classical before showing her, then I can beg her for a bass XD

  2. I really wanna learn bass :( ( to expenisve tho?

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  4. i just got a guitar but im? still going to take guitar lessons because im a beginner

  5. id just rather learn? from my uncle then a video

  6. I? thought you couldn’t read?

  7. Thank you? this helped alot!!!! Thinking of trying for.bass guitar..

  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????100,000,000?????????????????????…?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????htt?://

  9. yes? i’m out of my depth a lot of instruments and no talent i’m sick

  10. Depends on the song. You’d have to look at the music to know if what you’re doing is? correct.

  11. If the part you’re referring to is when he’s discussing whole/half/quarter/etc notes, you may want to look at some music fundamentals stuff.? Unless you’re planning on playing “by ear”, knowing time signatures and musical notes is essential.

  12. Well for the first 2 ½ minutes you? may as well been talking Swahili

  13. ?????????????????????????????????????????????100,000,000?????????????????????…?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????htt?://

  14. first 3 sec. i thought my pc has? hanged

  15. Check out My track? if? you’re into slap bass

  16. no

  17. SWEET, MAN! I loved it. This is on my life list, so I’ll be looking to invest? in a bass one day and watch these videos.

  18. I have a serious problem i badly want to? learn to play the bass! But everytime i play to a song that i know the tabs to and all that i do good in the begining but then i start going inte guitar rythm and start to hit when the guitar hits and that is not correct cuz i should play with the drum or am i wrong?

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  20. I’m Chris? Hansen from Dateline NBC, why don’t you take a seat over there?

  21. Get him to? the Greek

  22. Aldas? snows dad from

  23. No?

  24. i want to start playing a bass? but do i have to start from acoustic guitar?


  26. Stu “The? Hammer” Hamm!

  27. Isn’t this the guy that played that awesome bass solo at? the Montreux jazz festival?

  28. God called he wants his fingers back he also wanted me? 2 tell you that his girl fingerings where extra high until you came along now he’s a sad old man with a limp Dick XD

  29. The Fender Urge, it was designed by Stu Hamm but was discontinued in 2010.?

  30. what? is the difference between? guitar and bass guitar ?

  31. damn? i didn’t know tom arnold was such a good bass player. ha ha jk

  32. thank you? Stu!!!

  33. Hey Guys! I send free? warm ups to subscribers of my channel weekly and on request. Mind checking my channel out? =D If too busy I understand.

    Plucking, Slapping, Tapping, Sight Reading.

  34. What is? the hybrid looking bass he’s playing?

  35. You could’ve just muted? them or avoided them…

  36. Yeah, great lesson? huh.

  37. ne diyon? yarram

  38. good one.
    i love the lesson so? much

  39. Shame Fender kicked Stu of their artist roster? :(

  40. He is THE BEST? bass player :D

  41. YEAAAAAAH i am from bologna ….wahy i didn’t fined you? back then…… i hope you come back here so i can listen your live

  42. That’s what I did… Haha. I was actually in a band. And I was 1 of 2 guitar players. I wrote all the bass lines on the guitar and used a octave pedal when we played live.. Didn’t sound half bad.?

  43. billy sheehan is a great bass? player

  44. :D :D :D yeah man, that’s? the right way :D

  45. Thanks Stu !?

  46. i want that? fender

  47. hahaha i did that with my? older bros electric when i was a kid. that’s how you know you were born a bass player

  48. oh dear, in the thumbnail i thought it was a middleaged woman! sorry stu! still? love u

  49. thats what i did but i might get a bass for christmas! i hope i do i cant wait i’m 9 and my babysitter teaches me? i know alot of songs if you would like me to tell you just email me and i will tell you i can even tell you how to play the songs i know there very simple

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