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  1. JESUS CHRIST – God Himself came into this world, He died for our sins, He was buried, and God the Father raised Him from the dead, and through His Sacrifice we live in victory – JESUS CHRIST? IS LORD !

  2. Stevie? was hands down one of the most talented, and at the same time, most down to earth musicians ever to walk the fucking planet. You can see it in his eyes, he has the sweetest soul. RIP <3

  3. a lesson in how good you? ll never be…

  4. Don’t get on that helicopter Stevie! Stay away from it! If i had the power of time travel, we’d still have SRV, RR, John Bonham, Hendrix, Joplin, Moon, Dimebag and a whole bunch of others to numerous to list here. I would not use it for finacial gain. I would keep our musical icons. Whitney &? Michael too if I could get through to them.

  5. I just? don’t know how to express my love for him. I was sure I would marry him. Man oh man damn fine I miss him and he’s always going to be my favorite

  6. switched out? for lefty bridge

  7. 190 people dont know shit about? good music.

  8. how os his whammy bar located up on top of the bridge not on the downside like? a tradtitional strat

  9. he wasnt bad? i dont guess, but not that great.

  10. “One? of…” Har.

  11. I saw? Stevie April 13, 1988. I had an outer body experience. I’ve been playing guitar since 1975, and ain’t bad. The energy he had song after song after song was God-like. He played for 2 solid hours without a break and it appeared he was bummed that he had to call it a night. I cried when I learned of the tragic accident that ended his young life.

  12. It’s bowie as in? bow and arrow not bow to a lady

  13. Wtf at? 7:08-7:09

  14. I’m not one of those people that always does this but so what,? RIP Stevie

  15. This interviewer is? a moron.

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  17. mersey beat? WTF, we’re? talkin’ bluesbreaker beano,man.

  18. guitarist come and go but? clapton stays on top..

  19. yes? he is,.,,he appears on many great guitarists lists

  20. Well I thought Blood Sugar Sex magic was a fantastic album, although I was 13? at the time. If thats the same guy, then I think hes great. I dont care however if he worships Clapton. There are plenty of people who worship the Spice Girls.

  21. where does frusciante stand in greats ranking? according to u

  22. song in the intro??

  23. Try to listen a little bit? more of Eric, please.

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